DVD RW query

  [DELETED] 20:11 22 Sep 2003

Have got a PIONEER 106 dvd + & - rewriter.
Have succesfully written to DVD-r work fine in all other machines.
Have written some DVD+ RW with data that only work in pioneer writer but won't be read in dvd read only drive, is this a common problem?
Also made a video dvd on RW+ which plays fine in standalone dvd player connected to TV but wont play in dvd drive in PC even with the right software- I can play other dvd movies on pc.

  bremner 20:19 22 Sep 2003

I have this drive and initially had problems with disks. I upgraded to the latest firmware and have had no problems since.

  [DELETED] 20:23 22 Sep 2003

I believe that it's the way the makers of the various drives support the format that you're using.

I have a DVD recorder for my TV, another one built into my laptop PC and two more in my desktop PC, oh and one more standalone DVD player under the TV.

On recording a DVD movie to DVD+R, my DVD recorder for my TV can't read it but it CAN read a DVD-R recorded using the same burner on my PC.

My laptop DVD player can also play DVD-R recorded on my DVD recorder for my TV but NOT if I record using the DVD burner on the PC

However, the standalone DVD player under the TV can play either DVD-R or DVD+R when recorded on my PC burner but NOT if my DVD recorder for my TV recorded it on DVD-R, which is all it takes...apart from DVD-RAM which non of the others take so that doesn't bother me.

I finally purchased the Sony DVD burner for my PC that can burn either DVD-R and DVD+R so I can choose which format I prefer to work with whichever DVD player I'm going to use it on.

If friends ask me to do a DVD for them I ask them which format their player supports and, if they know, I'll make sure I burn it in their preferred format.

However, even if the instructions of their DVD player state that it supports DVD-R, for example, it doesn't always play properly. But it sometimes plays the DVD+R instead which means I have to find somebody who wants that movie and also just happens to have a DVD player that supports DVD-R too.

Welcome to the world of DVD Richierich (smile)

  [DELETED] 20:24 22 Sep 2003

Im bit of a novice, could you tell me how i upgrade firmware.

  [DELETED] 20:27 22 Sep 2003

not only is it baffling with all the formats, there also seems to be different ways of writing them too that may or may not be the problem.

  bremner 20:30 22 Sep 2003

click here for deatils of firmware updates from Pioneer.

  [DELETED] 20:41 22 Sep 2003

thanks Bremner, although Im not sure what im spose to do with it now its downloaded, i will try and see.
many thanks

  [DELETED] 20:45 22 Sep 2003

The main thing is, don't switch the power off while upgrading. One gets into all sorts of problems if you only have half a firmware loaded.

The update should recognise your drive and slowly but surely update the chip.

  [DELETED] 20:46 22 Sep 2003

click here For the best software to get things on to DVD. It writes DVD video as DVD ROM which ups the compatability with home DVD players. Not freeware.

  [DELETED] 20:49 22 Sep 2003

Uploading the firmware via DOS:

If the firmware uploader can not recognise the DVR-A06/106 or fails when run from within Windows after several attempts, the solution in most cases is to boot the system via a Windows 98 or Me floppy into DOS and then run the update program from a DOS prompt. When the uploader runs in windows it creates a folder on C:\DVR106D\Fw106\ there you will find the uploader program UPGDVD.exe and one other file R6100106.xxx. (xxx being the FW revision number). First copy both files to a blank floppy.

Then after booting the system into DOS from a Windows 98 or Me floppy remove this and insert the floppy you copied the files to and run the UPGDVD.exe uploader program.

This procedure will only work when the DVR-A06/106 is connected to an IDE port (not when it is external in an IEEE1394 Firewire or USB 2.0 case). It is preferable not to have any other drive daisy chained with the DVR-A06/106 when performing the firmware upload.

  [DELETED] 20:58 22 Sep 2003

Kinger, im on win2000pro, I dont know anything about running in DOS

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