DVD-RW or DVD+RW????

  Viv-208691 00:16 19 Oct 2004

Can someone please tell me which is advisable to choose on a new laptop? what is the difference betweeen the 2 tyes of dvd writer?-which is future proof??

Thanks for your advice.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:25 19 Oct 2004

The + format is better for video, the - format is better for data. But regards your second question, WHAT(at all) is future proof? How long is a piece of string? If I knew the answer to that one I'd give up working tomorrow(lol)....T

  Viv-208691 00:40 19 Oct 2004

thanks. ok, let me rephrase that question. Do either rewritable cvc types look more likely to be around in say a few years time than the other?? Also, you can still put data onto cd+rws, right??


  Viv-208691 00:40 19 Oct 2004

sorry, i mean dvds not cvcs!!!

  temp003 03:06 19 Oct 2004

Between the two, neither is going to be beaten out of the competition, mainly because they both fit into the same DVD drives. Recent computer DVD drives can read both, and many new DVD home players can play both.

For your laptop, if you can get a dual recorder which can record both, that's the best. If you can only choose one format, then frankly either will do. If you're going to make video dvds to be played in your home dvd player, check which format your home player can play, which may be the determining factor.

  Viv-208691 08:37 19 Oct 2004

ok, thanks guys, i will bare that in mid when i buy my new laptop

Kind regards

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