DVD+-RW No write no read

  GrahamP 19:31 17 Oct 2004

This one is exaperating the bejasus out of me.
Both my DVD drives have started malfunctioning.

LG DVD multiformat Burner GSA 4082B,
Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616E,
Windows XP Pro SP2,
Athlon XP 2400

They existed happily together for several months, LG bought in June 04, Samsung in Dec 03. Used mainly for watching commercially pressed DVD's using PowerDVD, backing up and restoring data to CD's using Nero and backing up system and restoring using Ghost in Dos from DVD's.

Over the last month or so they gradually stopped performing as follows:

1) LG had occasional data errors reading home burned DVD-R's

2) Samsung stopped reading home burned DVD-R's

3) LG stopped reading commercially pressed DVD's

4) LG stopped reading it's own burned DVD's

5) LG stopped writing DVD-R's

They both continued to process CD's perfectly.

I've tested the LG on a different system prior to requesting an RMA from ebuyer. It didn't work.

I've tested another DVD-ROM on the problem system. It did work.

I've tested media burned on other burners on the problem machine/drives. They aren't recognised.

Ghost running in Dos cannot recognise blank DVD's in the burner or home burned DVD-R's in either drive.

Everything points to both drives gradually knackering themselves and I had accepted I would have to return them.

Until last night when I had to restore the system (from disk). I had just received the RMA number from ebuyer and decided to give the LG one last test. It worked and so did the Samsung.

I was very gratified but puzzled. What in Windows can possibly cause media to be recognized or not in DOS?

Today I'm no longer gratified but still puzzled. They've both stopped working again.

In the meantime I had done the following:

Changed Windows Autoupdate to Notify Only,
Re-installed Intelligent Stick,
Re-installed ViPower Swapmanager,
Changed AVG to scheduled updates,
Run Windows Update,
Run AVG Update,
Swapped in a spare hard drive,
Disconnected and then reconnected the DVD-Rom.

It's too much of a coincidence that both drives started working again at the same time and then stopped again at the same time. I'm going to restore the system again and apply those changes one by one but in the meantime if anyone can shed any light I would be very grateful.


  chugby 20:39 17 Oct 2004

try this link click here

  GrahamP 12:22 18 Oct 2004

Very useful link. Thanks chugby.

  GrahamP 21:22 09 Nov 2004

The LG was defective and ebuyer have now replaced it. In the light of the widespread problems with the LG I went for the NEC dual-layer 16x.

The Samsung currently reads commercial DVD's fine and it may be that it was only having trouble with the LG home-burns.

  chugby 23:23 09 Nov 2004

Glad to hear sorted in the end,
the nec drives have good reviews. Have used an ND1300a for the last year and no problems so far.
Found the NEC.DE site best for tech info/firmware on these drives click here
and also link above good. :-)

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