DVD RW Drives etc

  meater 15:29 13 Dec 2003

Can anybody give me advice on DVD Drives, I want to get a DVD RW drive which is compatible alround, which would be the best one or type to get. Also, would I have to get a normal CD ROM drive, or DVD Rom drive so you can copy from one to the other like you do with a CD ROM drive and a CD RW Drive?
I would appreciate any help in this matter, what do you think of the Sony DVD RW drive?


  Rayuk 16:06 13 Dec 2003

I have a Pioneer 106D and have had no problems writing to any R- media I have used[5 different brands]
Pioneer were one of the original manufacturers of DVDRW so they have the experience.

For a little more info you couldnt do better than visit
click here

  hugh-265156 16:17 13 Dec 2003

nearly all dvd writers will also write cds,play dvds and cds as far as im aware though maybe not burn a cdr as fast as a dedicated cd writer ie/ x52,most now burn at x32 to cdr which is speedy enough for most people.

dvd burn speeds are around x4 or some now are x8(not same measurement used in cd speeds)

one dvd writer should be all you need unless you want to copy discs on the fly.

look for one that supports all formats of dvd ie/ -R/+R/+RW/-RW/DVDROM some also support RAM although i dont think this is as popular.

check out some reviews click here

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