DVD RW Drive problems.

  mickey101 23:34 02 Dec 2008

I have an HP Slimline pc which is under two years old which has developed a problem with the DVD RW drive which is unable to detect a DVD and keeps ejecting them. It's perfectly alright with any CD and behaves normally. I cleaned the drive today with a 1-brush dry laser lens cleaner and tried to play a DVD which actually played very briefly then just froze up completely. I cleaned the drive a second time but nothing happens when I attempt to play the DVD. I have checked for driver updates and get a message that it has the latest drivers. I have the Vista Home Premium o.s.
Has anyone got any ideas and suggestions how to get the thing to play a DVD ? I would gratefully appreciate some advice here. I've even reformatted my hard drive but the problem still persists.

  Ex plorer 00:26 03 Dec 2008

Is it an original DVD or a copy of a DVD have you tried other DVDs.

  mickey101 07:27 03 Dec 2008

Hi there its both types of dvd's as I have tried originals and copies. It used to play dvd's with no problem.

  lofty29 09:33 03 Dec 2008

Are you just using the OS media for playing the dvd's or a third party such as power dvd, Although I am on XP not vista, windows media will not play many of my dvd's. Does it write to blank dvd's?? if not it may be a dead laser.

  mickey101 23:52 03 Dec 2008

Hi Lofty29,
I have tried using my OS (WM11) Player last time when it actually played for a couple of minutes before it crashed. Tonight I tried burning a series of films from my external hard drive using a blank dvd recordable but the drive kept rejecting and ejecting the disc. CD-ROM's still work fine however. As you suggest perhaps I may have a dead or dying laser. Thanks for your advice.

  MCE2K5 02:48 04 Dec 2008

Try these click here click here before you write-off the Drive.

  mickey101 20:17 04 Dec 2008

Hi there,
Thank you for the link you sent me. I have just tried the Hardware Diagnostic Tools test for my DVD RW Drive and it just won't accept any form of dvd so none of the tests could be completed or even started for that matter.
All the CD section passed as 100% on every test.

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