DVD RW drive problem

  Cretin07 17:38 21 Nov 2003

hi i have two cd drives, one dvd rom and another dvd rw. dvd rom as slave. today, i put in a dvd in the dvd rom and it played with power dvd but it was jumpy so i played it in win dvd and it played perfect. Then i decided to try it in my dvd rw drive and it wasnt read at all, when i double click on the icon it says please insert disk into drive D:. Help please. what is wrong.

Thanks in advance


  y_not 20:44 21 Nov 2003

Could be wrong but I had intermittent problems when I installed my DVD drive.

I solved it by removing the CD writer.

There were no indications of a conflict in Device Manager ect. but there was clearly a problem. Since I removed it I've not produced a single coaster!

Hope it helps - for the time it takes to power down, pull the power cables from the other drives and re-boot it has to be worth a try

  Cretin07 22:33 21 Nov 2003

sometimes it reads the dvd and sometimes it doesnt. it also reads normal data okay. like games and stuff, but it is very complicated to explain. Its like on and off all the time, sometimes it doenst then sometimes it does. it reads somethings randomly. it wont reada dvd one time but read it another, or it wont read data one time and it will another. Or sometimes it is not accessible.

  jonnytub 22:43 21 Nov 2003

possibly a bug in the drive maybe, worth investigating, see if anyone has had the same problems with you particular model of drive

  ahales42 22:49 21 Nov 2003

Just a suggestion. If both dvd drives are on the same ide channel, move your slave to the HD ide.If you have a second HD, then move the slave to the secondary channel.

  ahales42 22:49 21 Nov 2003

that should read "move the slave HD to the secondary channel".

  Jabba10 23:11 21 Nov 2003

Sometimes the DVD player software will be set to read only one drive (in this case drive D). go into 'Options' and see if it allows you to set another drive as the main DVD player drive.

Apologies if this is too simplistic...sometimes though, it's the obvious things that you forget!

  Cretin07 08:28 22 Nov 2003

no everytime i play dvds i always set it to the correct drive or check it. maybe i will set the dvd rom to master and the dvd rw to slave. Hm... thanks for your help all who replied.

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