Sparky3327 16:32 13 Jul 2003

What's the difference between a dvd+rw and a
dvd-rw ??
I'm confused. Does it make any difference at all?

  Rayuk 17:02 13 Jul 2003

It does make a difference yes but there are now quite a few multi DVDrewriters about so if you dont want to take a chance on which will succeed and which will go by the wayside buy one of these.
Seen different statements re 1 media is cheaper than another 1 can rewrite 1,000 as opposed to 100,some will play on some DVD players etc etc.

  y_not 17:30 13 Jul 2003

The plus format writes very much faster and is ideal for data backup etc. however the discs are usually more expensive. Playback on most popular DVD players.

The minus format writes slower (but still much faster than CDRW) tends to be cheaper media and plays back on 99% of DVD players.

Dual format writers are coming down in price (slowly) and have the advantage of being the right option regardless of which camp wins the format war

  Sparky3327 17:37 13 Jul 2003

Thanks to you both, you've been a great help.

  bremner 18:11 13 Jul 2003

click here as an example of how multidrive prices are dropping

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