dvd-rw -/+ ?

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 18:07 17 Apr 2005

I have a dvd recorder from liteon the LVW5005 it says that it copy`s to dvdrw -/+ dvd-r dvd+r and vcd ont cd-r, but it does not say ay what speed i.e x?I have purchased some x8 dvd-r which work ok and I have tryed DVD+RW at x1-4 speed but it will not recognise the DVD-RW at x 1-2 speed although it says it supports the DVD-RW format. I find it strange that it will write to disc at x8 speed nad not the DVD-RW at x1-2 speed any one got on of these machines and what disc`s are best .

  Pooke100 18:43 17 Apr 2005

what computer are you using? XP and so on??

And most importantly what are you using to burn the cds??

You have to format DVD-RW first.

DVD+RW formats as you go.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 21:23 17 Apr 2005

the liteon 5005 is a stand alone recorder just want to know if anyone has one and what disc`s are best

I know that it is a standalone. you still have to format DVD-RW first in the recorder.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 01:59 18 Apr 2005

how I connot see how to do that please tell me how to do it

Without a manual I cant.

But I know you must do a pre format on the minus RW disks.

  Joe R 18:00 18 Apr 2005

click here

SurfMonkey _#:@}™,

this is a link to the dvd compatibility with drive.

  Philwane 18:14 18 Apr 2005

Usually you only need to format when you want to wipe a DVD+RW or DVD-RW and start with a clean disk you do this in Easy Guider.

I have only used pc line DVD+RWs on my machine but I dont know what speed they are

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 19:41 18 Apr 2005

I have looked in the manuel back to front cant seem to find it anyware on how to format dvd-rw even had a look in the guide bit on the recorder only has playback, record, erase, finalize in there.the manual is here on pdf click here if you dont mind tacking a look.

  Philwane 07:21 19 Apr 2005

As I said before there is no need to Format

page 13 of the manual

"When you insert a new recordable DVD disk the DVD recorder will automatically start disk formatting"

page 26 of the manual

"For DVD+RW,DVD-RW,CD-RW you can reformat the disk if you want to create an empty disk"

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