DVD-Rs & Burning

  johndrew 17:08 13 Jan 2006

I am using DVD-Rs produced as Scribbles Limited Edition DVD-R 8x (click here) when burning home movies with Nero. I use a NEC DVD RW ND 3540A for the burning and also have an Asus DVD-E616P3 reader.

I did notice that when I burned the disc and went to verify it, verification took an inordinately long time.

During the burn I also noticed the buffer dropped from its normal 94-96% to 6% on occassions but almost immediately recovered to its normal level.

Having burned the disc from file it will play fine on the Asus drive but when I put it in the Sony DVD player attached to the TV it plays for a bit then stalls and continues again in random time periods.

Is the playing problem likely to be the disc quality? Is the buffer drop anything to be concerned about?

  [DELETED] 17:20 13 Jan 2006

I have found that expensive brand make DVD players can have problems reading copied disks. To test this try your disk in another stand alone player, preferably a cheap one and see what happens. The other possiblity is the Sony might not like this particular brand or format of disk. If the disk plays in another player but not in yours you will know.

  johndrew 20:06 13 Jan 2006


As I said, having made the disc in the NEC RW, it reads (plays) in the Asus - both installed in the PC. However in the Sony in the DVD player for the TV it is no longer good.

I have no other drive to try and from what you say it could be the disc. This could be reinforced by the experience I had with verification. Am I right?

How about the drops in buffer during burning, are these likely to be involved?

I need to be pretty sure as if it is the discs then I`ve nearly a hundred which are of little use to me!!

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