DVD-rR/RW discs

  User-F19B448A-819C-4883-991C282DFCFBDA20 11:46 07 Oct 2003

Has anyone any ideas where I can get TDK/Panasonic DVD-R/RW discs from and how much?
I am after these precise discs as I have found that they are the only discs that will work with my Mat*[email protected]:a sw-9581 drive. Any suggestions?

  darby1can 11:58 07 Oct 2003

Had the same problem with my Matshita 9571 burner. Made lots of expensive coasters! Panasonic work fine and are available from
click here price £8.50 pack of 5. I think this is a good price, postage was free last week but has now gone up to 95p! Still a bargain compared to having lots of useless plastic discs. Would like to know if anybody has tried MR DVD DVD-Rs with these burners?

  Agent Smith 11:58 07 Oct 2003

Try click here or this site click here gives info on who makes what CDRs and DVDRs for whom.

  SEASHANTY 15:36 07 Oct 2003

Try Panasonic UK click here

  y_not 20:11 07 Oct 2003

Agent Smith suggests Bigpockets .... I have used them a few times now and always found them to be really good (even the time that I ordered the wrong discs - rang them and they agreed to take them back and supply correct ones - and it was all my fault. Not bad service and the prices are good too).

If you're having problems give them a try.

p.s. I don't work for them ;-))

  SEASHANTY 11:37 08 Oct 2003

Cannot see any TDK or Panasonic DVD-R/RW which was the original request. Many sites supply cheap discs including Komplett.co.uk but they are not listing any TDK/Panasonic DVD-R/RW either.

  SEASHANTY 12:01 08 Oct 2003

Checking the above sites none of the links apart from the Panasonic e-shop list having TDK/Panasonic DVD-R discs and even the Panasonic shop is waiting for stock. Microdirect click here list the Verbatim DVD-R as being suitable for both Panasonic and Pioneer writers.

  darby1can 15:35 08 Oct 2003

The link I left for jpieter sells both of these makes.

  SEASHANTY 16:34 08 Oct 2003

Please accept my apologies they do indeed have the Panasonic makes listed. I missed the obvious link right in the centre of the webpage. Listed under manufacturers links also. Didn't find TDK listed but of little consequence as the main brand is there.

believe it or not ,I actually found some tdk-r in Waitrose of all places.I hope they work!

  spruce 22:11 08 Oct 2003

I have a Matshita DVD-RAM (Matshita is the owner of Panasonic if I am not mistaken) and I find that the media I use has to be the best (hence more expensive, or I gget CRC errors, Maxell DVD-Rs work fine, but that is the only other make that I would trust with it.

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