DVD rom will not play DVD Rs

  SPARKY 20:26 20 Apr 2004

Can anyone help with the following problem. the PC is an IBM Thinkpad 600X laptop. It will not play any DVD Rs, it will play a genuine DVDs and it will play CD Rs. when a DVD R is inserted it says that the disk is not recognised or not formatted under windows.
The PC has Media Player and Power DVD installed.
Something else which confused me was in the Properties of the drive, it is correctly listed as a Mat*[email protected]:a DVD drive, but in "My Computer" it is only showing as a CD Rom, not DVD Rom.
Any help would be much appreciated.

  Rayuk 20:41 20 Apr 2004

I would hazard a guess and say its the dvd r media you are using.you will have to try others and find the right media for your drive.

  tony1160 21:08 20 Apr 2004

wild guess but are the disks your tryin to play + or - ? as your dvd-rom may not support

  SPARKY 17:52 24 Apr 2004

Thanks guys, but the media format doesn't seen to matter.
At the moment I'm trying the firmware pages for an upgrade for the drive , but I cannot find one.
I have found that I have not been the only one with this problem, but at this time i still do not have a solution. There seems to be a download for every other Matshita drive except the SR 8171, which funnuly enough is the one I've got.

  JFT 18:57 24 Apr 2004

For firmware click here

  Mister Splendid 19:06 24 Apr 2004

I had the same problem with a Matshita drive and dvd+rw disks. I spent less than £30 on a new Sony drive. Prolem solved!

  SPARKY 08:02 29 Apr 2004

Thanks JFT, found the file required with your link, I will tick problem solved although I need to read up on how to flash. I'm sure I can get this from the same site. It cant be worse than flashing a BIOS and I'm ok with that.
Thanks again.

Note for Mister Splendid, thanks for your reply aswell. Was the drive you purchased the same shape so that it fitted exactly. If so which drive model was it and where did you find it.

  Mister Splendid 19:07 29 Apr 2004

I bought the Sony drive in PCworld. The model number was not marked on the box, just Sony 16x 48x dvd-rom cream bezel. As the drive is fitted I cannot easily check the label. As for size it is just a standard 5 1/2" drive, so no fitting problems.

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