DVD-ROM region query !

  curlylad 22:25 09 Nov 2005

When I look in device manager my ATAPI DVD DUAL 4XMax is set to region 2 , my ATAPI DVD-ROM 16XMax has 'none selected in the region box.I then scrolled to United Kingdom region 2 , it said are you sure you wish to select region 2 so I clicked OK (I am in the UK) , it then said "Unable to update region setting , please make sure the drive contains a region 2 media and you have administration privilege" Well I am the administrator so what is this all about and would it be the reason why I put blank DVD-R's into the drive and it says disc full ?

All help greatly appreciated !

  Skyver 23:04 09 Nov 2005

It depends on the drive - some are region locked, like DVD players. As to the latter, if you have Nero, run Infotool to check the drive question and see if your drive has the capability to read and/or write (to) the disc.
It seems you can get Nero Infotool here anyway
click here

  curlylad 23:36 09 Nov 2005

It can read and write to almost any format and most certainly to the blank DVD's that I was trying so why does it say they are full ?

  Skyver 23:42 09 Nov 2005

Are you using XP to write stuff to the DVD? Or at least, was that your intention?

  curlylad 21:11 10 Nov 2005

Windows XP Pro , I was trying to make a complete back up of my system using Acronis True Image 8.0 but when it got to the part that it was checking the media (the DVD) it said either disc full or disc damaged but usually disc full , they were new discs but just to be sure I purchased some more and I got the same message when I attempted to use these.

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