DVD-ROM not seen in 98SE

  AMD 4 ever 17:19 23 Feb 2003


Blimey Iam having a right mere with this pc...it is recognised in the BIOS, and then when it comes to win...in My comp it is not there recognised...this was a 2nd hand DVD.

Idea's I have tried: Changed IDE cable, Connected it Hdd, Set it up as a slave, as a master on IDE2, It just doesn't work...Do you think itis knackered?
But what is strange is that it is found in the BIOS...what is happening after POST to lose it.
Any advise or help would b gratefully received.

  BrianW 17:26 23 Feb 2003

What happens if you try the "Add new hardware"route from control panel?

  AMD 4 ever 17:31 23 Feb 2003

It doesn't find it.

  AMD 4 ever 22:54 25 Feb 2003

Just out of intererst and for closure the DVD was defunct..a swift replacement and all is fine now.


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