deneka 19:04 23 Mar 2004

My pc has an inbuilt DVD Rom drive, which i had never bothered to try & use to watch DVD's until the other day when i installed a DVD RW which i also can't use.

I attempted to copy a DVD from my DVD ROM drive, but am unable to watch it in any of the software i have on my pc (windows media player, Realplayer) etc. It says i need to reduce my screen resolution and colours. I cannot reduce my screen resolution anymore than it is. I checked the trouble shooter & it mentions something about installing a DVD Decoder, which has confused me, do i need one of these to watch DVD's through this drive on my pc?

I attempted to copy a DVD onto a black DVD R/W disc in the DVD RW but although it said it was burning, when it had finished & i attempted to watch the DVD both in my home DVD player and on my pc the disc was blank.

I am so confused and the manual that came with my DVD RW may as well be in a foreign language for all the sense it makes to me.

So if anyone could give me any ideas to resolve both problems, i'd be really grateful.


  fuzzyone 19:10 23 Mar 2004

you will need software like win dvd or power dvd, to watch dvd movies.

  Rayuk 19:22 23 Mar 2004

For all things dvd related
click here

  deneka 19:26 23 Mar 2004

I have the following software (amongst others)

Intervideo win DVD Recorder
Intervideo win DVD creator
Intervideo DVD copy
Intervideo DVD master
DVD Streamer player

This is mostly stuff that came with the DVD r/w plus i have downloaded some stuff from the net.

If none of this is what i need, could you point in the wrong direction as to what programs i need to download and where i could find them please?

  deneka 16:28 24 Mar 2004

Ok i'm still having problems with this Rayuk i checked that website before, but it means nothing to me, I don't know what i'm supposed to be looking for and don't understand any of the technical words used on it :(

  cycoze 16:44 24 Mar 2004

First question , the DVD you are trying to copy , does it play on your machine ? you say that you have Intervideo software , most drives come with a software player , check your software for Intervideo WinDVD 3 or 4.

You said "I attempted to copy a DVD from my DVD ROM drive" what sort of DVD were you trying to copy , if its a copyright free/homemade dvd then it may be a problem with the blank media you are using , for instance i have some Datawrite disc`s here that my player wont recognise let alone write too , if this is the case try another brand.

  deneka 17:56 24 Mar 2004

Well i have called PC World & they told me that because this pc came with Linex and we over wrote that with WinXP proffesional, the software for the DVD rom would have been in Linex format, therefore in order to get the DVD's to play, I need a DVD decoder, they advised me to buy something called powerDVD but said its about £30-£40 to buy, unless i can download it. I have searched and cannot find it download for free, you can purchase it but only in US dollars, as far as i can see. So if i was to buy this software, do you then think that i would be able to copy my DVDs. The dvd i was copying or attempting to copy doesnt have a copyright .

  struggle8 17:58 24 Mar 2004

get a good DVD ripper if you want to copy a dvd or you could try DVD shrink 3.1 beta it does the job all in 1

  struggle8 18:00 24 Mar 2004

I though you could play DVD through media player 9 well i do ant thats all i have well apart from real player

  deneka 18:03 24 Mar 2004

yeah have tried through media player & it says cannot play dvd try decreasing the screen resolution or number of colours used. I have decreased the colours but cannot decrease the resolution anymore. It still didnt work, so i clicked on troubleshooter & it mentions about dvd decoders and thats where i become confused :(

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