DVD-ROM damaging disks

  Night Ryder 22:10 14 Oct 2004

Here's a realy strange thing. I wonder if anyone has any insight into this?

Firstly the OP system:
Intel P2.5 with 1Gig memory.
Windows XP pro, Ser pack 2.

I have been successfully burning CD's on this system for some time without problem, (Data and music CD's).

A short while ago I added a DVD-ROM to the system and have successfully produced a number of DVD video and data disks. When I try to make a music CD on the DVD-ROM drive, I end up with a disk full of errors. I chose the DVD-ROM specificly because it will support all formats. I should add at this point, I can still produce music CD's with the CD-ROM.

One visually noticable difference between a music CD produced on the DVD-ROM as opposed a music CD produced on the CD-ROM is that the track is much darker in appearance on the DVD-ROM version. Almost as if the DVD-ROM is over cooking the disk. This is the best way I can explain this. Hope it makes sense to someone.

Finaly. I'm using "Nero"6 with all the latest updates to make disks.

  Valvegrid 22:55 14 Oct 2004

No one else seems to have any ideas at the moment, I'm just wondering if try burning at a slower rate. I have had a similar problem with data CD's trying to burn them at 40X, reducing to 12 or 8X cured the problem.

  Night Ryder 23:40 14 Oct 2004

Very good point. My CD burner has a maximum burn speed of X12 which works perfectly. The DVD burner has a maximum burn speed of 47X.

Last time i tried to make a music cd with the DVD drive I used X16. I'll try a burn at the same rate as the CD burner and see what happens.

Thanks for the input. I'll let you know what happens.

  TomJerry 00:04 15 Oct 2004

ROM = Read Only Memeory (media)

  Night Ryder 00:42 15 Oct 2004

Correct. Misuse of terminology. My fault.
I have a DVD burner and a CD burner in my system.
But you knew that ... Thought so ... Thanks.

  Night Ryder 00:45 15 Oct 2004

Have tried the DVD burner at it's lowest speed.
Same result unfortunately. No problem. I'll just have to remember to make music CD's with the CD burner and videos with the DVD burner.
Thanks however for suggestion.

  Valvegrid 06:57 15 Oct 2004

OK, thanks for the feedback, its a pity you can't get to the bottom of it, at least you have a 'workround'. Good luck.

  TECHNODIMWIT 07:27 15 Oct 2004

have you updated your burner software since installing SP2

  Night Ryder 19:46 17 Oct 2004

As I stated in the first posting. All software is fully up to date.

  gudgulf 19:56 17 Oct 2004

May be a compatibility problem between the dvd drive and the blank disc manufacturer.Some drives are very fussy about the media you use in them.Might be worth trying a different make.

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