dvd rom & cd/rw not working!

  Ticketyboo 08:42 31 Aug 2004

They have both stopped responding, when l put a disc in it runs for a second and then stops and the whole comp freezes and the only way l can get the disc out is to stick a pen into the little hole and force a reboot and press the eject button as it reboots. Any ideas will be most welcome.

  Stuartli 09:17 31 Aug 2004

Try physically removing both drives' rear IDE connections first. Shut down your system.

Then reattach the DVD-ROM's connector and switch on, allowing Windows to install new hardware and its basic CDROM driver for the drive (should come up as D).

Again shut down the system. Reattach the rewriter's connections and Windows should again install new hardware and the CDROM driver. This time the drive letter should be E (assuming you have no other peripherals).

If this doesn't work then the most likely reason is a loose connection elsewhere, probably at the motherboard where the IDE cable is attached.


If the drives are not currently listed in Device Manager but are when in Safe Mode, then it is almost certainly a loose connection(s).

  Ticketyboo 09:40 31 Aug 2004

o/k I will give that a go and get back asap, many thanks for your help.

  Ticketyboo 11:50 31 Aug 2004

Well, that worked for the dvd rom but the cd r/w still will not work, the light keeps flashing saying there is a disc in when there is'nt and when I try to do anything through "my computer"/right click the cdrw the comp freezes

  Stuartli 13:55 31 Aug 2004

Quick point first. DON'T use a pin to open a drive's tray unless your system is switched off at the PSU or mains (for very obvious reasons).

Have you checked out the drives' Properties in Device Manager?

Also try the rewriter on its own (DVD-ROM uninstalled) and see if that makes any difference in any way, particularly correct operation.

It's probably something quite simple or it could be that the rewriter has given up the ghost - they are not the most robust of products, which is why they should be used only for burning purposes and a CD/DVD-ROM drive used for audio, software installation etc.

  Ticketyboo 06:59 02 Sep 2004

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, in properties it says all o/k but l will now try again with the dvd uninstalled and let you know, thanks.

  Ticketyboo 09:30 02 Sep 2004

STUARTLI, I tried what you said and it still didn't work so I borrowed a cdrw and installed that and it's o/k so it must be the cdrw, I am now in the market for a DVD/RW, any suggestions will be most welcome. Once again, many thanks for your help. The users of this forum are just great. Thank you.

  Stuartli 10:30 02 Sep 2004

I spotted this the other day:

click here

Under £45.

By the way, the rewriter should be set as Master and the CD/DVD-ROM drive as Slave using the jumpers on the rear of the drives.

  Ticketyboo 16:33 02 Sep 2004

Many thanks for your help and advice, I have just ordered the dvd/rw, looks like a good deal!

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