DVD-ROM can no longer read DVDs

  Sturmey 18:10 08 Aug 2003


My pioneer DVD-ROM does not recognise DVDs anymore, when I put a DVD in and try to open it just says "please insert a disc in drive F:" data and audio cd's work fine, so I've ruled out a connection inside my PC being loose.

The dvd player is a few years old now, but It's strange that it reads normal cd's ok just not DVDs.

I'm using Windows XP and have a CD-RW as a second drive.

Any help much-ly appreciated

  1st RHA 18:28 08 Aug 2003

reload drivers if you have any, and try a driver update

  Sturmey 19:18 08 Aug 2003

Did that, no joy tho I'm afraid still does not read DVDs

  Lozzy 19:34 08 Aug 2003

Try also re loading DVD software as that may just kick in the decoder, which is why your dvd is not being recognized.

  Stuartli 19:55 08 Aug 2003

Why drive F? Do you have several HDD and optical drives?

Otherwise it would normally be drive D followed by the rewriter on E.

Have you also checked that the rewriter is the Master and the DVD-ROM the Slave?

  Sturmey 20:26 08 Aug 2003

I have 2 HDD one is partitioned into 2 so I have 3 HDD drive letters they are C,D and G, my CD-RW driver letter is E and the DVD-ROM that isn't working is F.

Yep my rewriter is master and DVD slave both on the second ide channel.

I use Cyberlink PowerDVD I reloaded it still nothing.

  Simac 22:09 08 Aug 2003

How long as this problem occured?? Only a friend of mine had exactly the same problem.. but his was a combo drive though similar to yourself it read CD-ROMS ok, but did not like reading a DVD, kept hanging up on him. Eventually it was a case of updating the Drivers for the DVD device to work..I see you have tries that. Is it worth trying to do a system restore to a time when you knew it was working maybe there was something you installed recently that affects the DVD???

Just a guess, whether that helps, then not sure what else!!

  Sturmey 22:23 08 Aug 2003

I only noticed it not working today, I haven't played a DVD for a while so it could of happened a while ago without me knowing, will try a sys restore, cheers.

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