mike1967 13:45 02 Jan 2006

This might seem like a strange question but I'm wondering if I change the DVD Rom in my PC to be the master will it play games, the reason being is the CD Rom gets far to hot for my liking

  Brezza 16:29 02 Jan 2006

When i buy a new game for my PC i usually make a CD Image and keep it on the HDD, dont have to worry about swapping CDs or your drive getting hot.

Try using Alcoho l20% or Clone CD to back up your orginal disc and then mount it on a virtual drive and run it off the hard disc, much easier and safer then swapping cables/jumpers around inside your PC.

  mike1967 17:01 02 Jan 2006

Well I tried to use the DVD and it worked

  Brezza 18:13 02 Jan 2006

Depending on the age of the CD Drive its possible its just had its day.

If it works fine with the DVD drive then definatly either go with that or the cd images, its personal preferance really.

Theres no reson why a DVD drive should be able to play game considering most of them now come on DVD, kind defetes the object lol

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