DVD rewriter destroyed by DRM

  Catsailor 18:50 16 Mar 2008

My relative made a movie with his camcorder at home. His computer had Microsoft Vista software. He burned his movie onto a DVD-R, and he sent the DVD-R to me. My computer had Microsoft Windows XP home software. I instructed my computer to burn two copies of the DVD-R. My DVD rewriter burned one copy of the DVD-R, and then my DVD rewriter was destroyed by DRM.

What strategies could be implemented to avoid destruction of my next DVD rewriter by DRM ?

  MAJ 18:53 16 Mar 2008

DRM (Digital rights management) can't destroy your drives, Catsailor.

  Catsailor 19:12 16 Mar 2008

I remain convinced that my DVD rewriter was destroyed by DRM, MAJ.

  MCE2K5 19:16 16 Mar 2008

DRM or (Digital Rights Management) is NOT used in Home Movies, Feature Film's on DVD Yes, But NOT Amateur Camcorder Video.

  Catsailor 19:24 16 Mar 2008

Both you and MAJ are quoting the party line. I remain convinced that DRM destroyed my DVD writer, MCE2KS.

  rdave13 19:30 16 Mar 2008

What software did you use to burn the DVD's? Xp burner only burns CD's. Maybe your burning software is corrupted.

  skidzy 19:30 16 Mar 2008

Why are you bothering here when you have had perfectly good advice from two respected regular forum members ?

Something to read for you click here

I suggest you take the advice given and do your own research if necessary.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:30 16 Mar 2008

Please state why you think DRM destroyed your DVD RW

  MCE2K5 19:36 16 Mar 2008

All right then, How did the DRM get on to the DVD-r, Vista & XP Didn't put it on the DVD, I have both OS's and have made & copied many of my Home Made Videos (Digital & Analogue), Never, ever had a problem, DRM has never been introduced to any of my home Videos by Vista Ultimate or XP Pro Media Center 2005, Or my software i.e. Ulead Video Studio, Pinnacle Studio or any other non-proffesional Video editing Program.

Please explain, Why, You think your DVD Rewriter was destroyed by DRM.

Could it not be a case of a DVD Drive just given up the ghost and gone to DVD Drive Heaven.

  MAJ 19:41 16 Mar 2008

Lol, it's a windup.

  Catsailor 19:49 16 Mar 2008

rdave13, I used Nero 6 to burn DVDs and CDs. I knew that my DVD burner was destroyed, because I subsequently tried using my burner with K3b, which confirmed that my DVD burner was destroyed.
skidzy, no-one has suggested ways to prevent DRM from destroying my next DVD rewriter.
Fruit Bat /\0/\ Yours is an excellent question. Unfortunately, my antivirus program does not scan for DRM, which means that I cannot put a name to the DRM which destroyed my DVD rewriter. My opinion was base on reading about DRM, and on burning disks for 9 years.

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