DVD Rewriter

  Ritchbee 23:29 17 Oct 2004

Brought a DVD RW player the other day from Ebuyer. However it didn't come with any software or instructions, cables etc.

I already have a CD rewriter so can you still use it or do you have to disconnect it.

Could someone tell me what I need to do in order to get it functioning.

This will be my first time at adding a new piece of hardware so I do not want to muck it up.

Could someone be kind enough to put me on the right track.

Many thanks


  JonnyTub 23:39 17 Oct 2004

try here click here

  THE TERMINATOR 23:46 17 Oct 2004

You need an IDE cable and a spare drive bay to install it, and some software such as Nero Burning by Ahead Software to burn DVD's....T

  gazza38 23:48 17 Oct 2004

If you have windows XP you don't need to install any drivers.Connect the new drive to your second IDE cable (the same cable as your current drive)
at the end of the cable.Set the jumper switch to master on your new drive.Connect your old drive on the lower connection (closer to the motherboard)and set the jumper switch to slave.
It's as easy as that.Windows Xp will give the drive a letter automatically.Install third party software,like easy CD creator or Nero,from which you can choose which drive you want to use.

  JonnyTub 23:51 17 Oct 2004

by the way ritchbee let me know if that tutorial is any good or needs more explanation. If you haven't guessed it's my own.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:51 17 Oct 2004

Nero showtime is included with the above and will play DVD's....T

  Ritchbee 00:13 18 Oct 2004


Looks good, so am I a guinea pig !!.

For a computer novice like myself who needs every step explained.

You could also include a section on what to do if your changing from a CD Rewriter to a DVD Rewriter.

Good instructions never the less.

  JonnyTub 00:17 18 Oct 2004

yes your a guinea pig :-)

As for exchanging cd for dvd, it's a case of remove, note jumper settings and replace.

Noted: will add this to my site, not till after crimbo though.


  Ritchbee 00:26 18 Oct 2004


Can you keep your CD rewriter.

Is there any point ?

Assume you need to use the IDE cable that was attached to the CD rewriter

Can you attach another one or does the depend on your motherboard ?.

  JonnyTub 10:26 18 Oct 2004

List the number of cd drives, dvd drives and hard drives you have. By default a standard motherboard will only physically allow for connection of four devices. This would usually consist of 1 or 2 hdd's and 1 or 2 cd/dvd drives. If you find you have no spare ide connector (2 on each ide cable/channel) then you'll have to buy a pci ide/atapi expansion card, which are very cheap (mine cost just £6). This card will allow for another 4 ide/atapi devices to be added.

However, it's most likely the case (especially as this is your first upgrade) that there is a spare ide connector in your machine, so you can leave your cd writer in, it's handy for disc to disc copys and mostly probably writes to cd's quicker than your dvd drive.
If your putting this drive on the same cable as another device then set it as slave by following the tutorial in my click here, and if the drive is to go on it's own cable, set it to master,
You'll have to locate a spare slot in the front of your pc. slide the drive in and nip tight with screws making sure it's flush with the front of the case. Attach the ide and power molex's.

Hope this helps, but it would help us explain better if we knew what you already have installed on the ide channels.

  Ritchbee 13:18 18 Oct 2004


I have a HDD, DVD Rom and CD Rewriter(both samsung)and not forgetting a Floppy drive currently residing on my PC.

Great response to my query can't thank you enough for the info you've provided to date.

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