DVD regions

  kingkenny 13:35 10 Feb 2003

Hello all,

I have a dvd-rom and recently bought a DVD which was of US region version. My windows XP os offers to swap the settings to that region but states that you are only allowed to swap it 4 times before it becomes permanently set at the last setting.

Is there such a thing as a Multi region DVD-rom drive?

If I buy a second DVD-rom can I change that to US region and keep the first DVD-rom as Europe region? Or is it the software and not the hardware that changes?

Can anyone offer any help or advice?

  €dstow 13:40 10 Feb 2003

Go here click here and download DVD Genie.


  €dstow 13:42 10 Feb 2003

Sorry, posted too soon.

I have a machine with two DVD drives on - one for USA (Region 1) and one for Europe (Region 2). I'd rather do this than risk putting firmware upgrades into my DVD drive.


  tran1 13:43 10 Feb 2003

I think the only thing that is limiting you to play one region is the DVD software you have and not the Drive itself.
I have Power DVD and it only lets me play different regions for 4 or five times and then will lock the region.

You can use software to modify the region code.
A popular one is DVD genie click here .

I , myself have never used it becuase I never watch DVD's on my PC! LOL.

  Sir Radfordin™ 13:44 10 Feb 2003

As €d has pointed out modern drives are locked via firmware not software. DVD Genie would've worked on older models but it doesn't do so today until they have had a firmware upgrade. This is normaly fairly easy to do and but there is, as always, a risk involved. Things can go wrong and may render the drive useless.

Two DVD drives is the more expensive but safer option. It doesn't cost much for a DVD drive these days and it may be the simplest solution in the long run.

  TechMad 13:46 10 Feb 2003

It is the DVD software that holds down the 4 or 5 changes rule. The DVD-ROM drives (for computers at least) will read from any DVD that it is given.

This therefore means that you would have to buy different DVD decoding software for each region. Thanks my guess anyway.

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