DVD Region Code

  [DELETED] 21:10 27 Aug 2003

Is there any way that I can find out which Region DVD Code my player plays. I tried DVD region 2 disc and this was not supported. I have a Creative PC-DVD Encore with a DXR2 card. I cant find it in the product guide. I suspect it only supports Region 1, but where does it say so? Can the region be changed around? AS always, your coop and help is appreciated. 73 !

  [DELETED] 21:13 27 Aug 2003

Depending on the make of DVD if you go into Windows Explorer then right click the dvd drive then properties you sometimes can alter the region from there. It should also tell you what region it is set on.

  [DELETED] 21:14 27 Aug 2003

Which Country are you in?

  [DELETED] 21:19 27 Aug 2003

If you bought your drive in the UK (and most of if not all of Europe) it is likely to be either region 2 or multiregion. Check in the drive properties and it should tell you.

The cause of the problem is more likely to be that the software you are using to play DVD's is set to another region. have a look in thepplayer settings and you might be able to change the region, if not you'll probably have to install the software again and set it to region 2 in the setup.

there's a program called DVD Genie which somehow unlocks the regions of software. Never used it though but it's meant to work.

  [DELETED] 22:49 27 Aug 2003

Right click your drive choose properties and select hardware tab. Highlight your DVD drive choose properties and select DVD Region Tab. This will then show you details of Drives Region and how many region changes you can make.

  [DELETED] 09:11 28 Aug 2003

Many thanks. I will try and come back to you. I am in Europe .....malta !

  [DELETED] 09:18 28 Aug 2003

I wish you wouldn't go into these long diatribes!

Very succinct though . . . . :)

  [DELETED] 09:50 28 Aug 2003

Do you have WinDVD software? You can usually set the region code in the properties dialog.

  [DELETED] 10:33 28 Aug 2003

I have checked Properties for PC-DVD Encore(made in Ireland !) and it is for Region 1; PC DVD Player one (I seem to have two players listed) it gives PC-DVD 4LNK: The second player gives PC-DVD 1. That's region one, I presume.

On Creative Readme it confirms that I cannot play movie titles of any other regional Codes. I have Windows 98.I'll try and lookup DVD Genie. TKS

  [DELETED] 10:52 28 Aug 2003

Do you have DVD playing software on your PC? Because a DVD wont play without it. FWIW a PC DVD drive doesnt have a region until you put a DVD in it and play it, it will set to the region of the disc, it will do this 5 times but on the 5th time it will lock to that region forever (well until you unlock it)

  [DELETED] 11:04 28 Aug 2003

i have a message comming up sometimes when i shut down my pc ***HARDWARE MALFUNCTION CALL YOUR HARDWARE VENDOR FOR SUPPORT NMI:PARITY CHECK/MEMORY PARITY ERROR *** THE SYSTEM HAS HALTED*** if i switch off at maines and start the pc up its fine & shut it down its fine any idears im using a dell dimension 8100 256mb of ram 80 gig hard drive file system ntfs operating system win 2 k pro, i was wondering if the ram might be faulty is there any way of checking it? my old resorce diagnostic disc is no good with my new operating & file system.

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