nogmog 13:28 27 Dec 2004

Can anyone tell me, from experience, what is the best recorder for the money.
I have a DVD player at present.
My main porpose will be to record fron TV/CABLE and view myself.
Look forward to your comments.

  g0nvs 14:17 27 Dec 2004

Using LG 4810, -R format and works very well. Plenty of decent recorders about, do some searching and read user reviews. Read on this forum somewhere recently that "Sainsbury's" were selling a DVD Recorder for £99.99, also look in "ASDA" they were selling some recently but can't remember the price.

  Gongoozler 14:18 27 Dec 2004

Hi nogmog. I can't comment from experience, but the Samsung TS-H522B got the Best Buy accolade in the latest PCA mag, and the LG GSA-4120B came second. Looking at the customer reviews at Ebuyer, I don't think I could recommend the Samsung, and the LG GSA-4160B looks even better than the GSA-4120B. click here

  Gongoozler 14:21 27 Dec 2004

Ah, DVD recorders as in "under the tv", not DVD writers as in "in the pc".

  wallbash 14:39 27 Dec 2004

I have Ntl cable, and for xmas treated ourselves to a Panasonic dvd recorder. The only problem , when using cable, you will have no way of recording 'different'channels.

So over new year, will be able to record any films on 'any' one channel.

Back to the recorder, we use DVD ram discs, and use them as 'mini' HD!

  naggis 15:00 27 Dec 2004

You haven't said if you have Sky or not. If you have then Sky + really is the d's b's. For less than £200 you good arrangement. Hey look at me - anyone would think I get commission - you must be joking.

  buffo 15:43 27 Dec 2004

hi nogmog. Sainsbury's offering Nico Espejo at £99.00
Dixon's and Curry's offering Matsui R-111 at £112.
Both half January's price £200 and £238. Both DVD +RW.
Both similar in performance.
Had to exchange first Matsui due to faulty power switch but replacement allows good recording and viewing. Cheap choice till manufacturers sort out final format for DVD.

  Confab 16:17 27 Dec 2004

I bought a Pioneer DVR 220. Have a look at the spec from click here

I think it's fantastic, it plays loads of formats and has great picture and sound quality. I also like the chase play feature which lets you watch a programme from the start whilst you're still recording it. It's really easy to set up and use. My only regret is that I didn't purchse a recorder with a Hard Drive - that's next on the list!

  rickf 16:36 27 Dec 2004

I bought a Ellion 530s from Scan.co.uk and it is excellent. Writes to all formats and has Firewire and USB connections + the usual. This is important for me as I can connect my camcorder directly to it and record with simplicity. Hope this helps.

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