DVD Recorder shows 'No Disc' when disc inserted.

  buckeye 23:33 20 Jun 2006

DVD Recorder shows 'no disc' or 'bad disc' when discs are inserted..these are correct format discs and have played o.k. previously...even does it with brand new discs...any ideas????

  woodchip 23:36 20 Jun 2006

May be the drive. but could be the ribbon cable. make sure connectors are full on at each end

  woodchip 23:38 20 Jun 2006

You could also try uninstalling drive from Device Manager then Restart Comp for Windows to reset the drive

  buckeye 08:09 21 Jun 2006

It's a DVD recorder that plugs into telly....the discs i am using are Philips DVD + RW 1 - 4X and have been using since xmas...now all i get is 'bad disc'..even with pre recorded dvd's..........

  buckeye 10:03 21 Jun 2006

Yes it takes a while to spin up. CD's dont work either.....however..after lying overnight it works o.k. for about five minutes, then zilch.

  woodchip 10:09 21 Jun 2006

It sound like it may be a power problem to the Laser, it should be stable supply

  buckeye 13:09 21 Jun 2006

Picture doesn't break up..but the machine freezes..i.e. can't open tray, can't switch off..nothing..you have got to unplug from mains to reset.

  buckeye 08:11 22 Jun 2006

After much surfing......and finding people with the same problem the diagnosis appears to be that the laser is kaput. Given the fact the prices to repair it.I think it is for the bin, unless I can repair it myself.....many thanks for your assist it is very much appreciated.

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