DVD recorder problems

  Rogerfredo 17:55 24 Nov 2003

Now I have got my new DVD recorder to work (NEC ND 1300A), I have one more query for the experts.
The recorder is supposed to be 4x on a DVD -R disc, and my discs are also up to 4x (Memorex Pro). Why then does Nero Express only write at 2x?
Unlike with CD writers, Nero does not appear to have the speed choice box.

  Lozzy 17:59 24 Nov 2003

click here and your question will be answered. Google is really quite amazing..

  Rogerfredo 18:26 24 Nov 2003

Thanks Lozzy, but isn't this just about Pioneer recorders? It does not explain why my new 4x (NEC)drive will not recognise 4x media.

  Jester2K II 18:29 24 Nov 2003

Not all Media / drive / burn speed combinations are compatible.

For example using one type of media on my old 8 CDRW allows me to use 8x burns. Some media only allows 4x or 2x. The media rating is not a guarantee that it will work just its been tested to work at that speed on a compatible writer. Stick to good brand name media and you'll get better success rates and higher burn speeds.

  Lozzy 18:31 24 Nov 2003

Yes it is Pioneer but it does explain why it reads/writes at 2x. Most DVD's and CD writers software will auto pick the best recording speed for the type of data your recording. You may find Nero will write at 2x where as Roxio may do it at 4x its all down to the software and accuracy.

  y_not 20:11 24 Nov 2003

I also use the NEC DVD writer.

Using Ritek discs I have no problem with writing at 4x but when I've tried other (good quality) makes I also loss the option of 2x or 4x.

Could try Ritek or accept that 2x is as fast as its going to go.

  Rogerfredo 16:41 25 Nov 2003

Thanks for all replies.
It is a pity that manufacturers don't get their act together so that firmware does not have to be specific to different brands.

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