DVD recorder not copying all data across

  blackstorm2k 19:33 01 Apr 2006


I have a DVD-RW drive on my laptop and it burns CD-Rs absoulutely fine with Nero 6.
However, when I burn DVDs, it seems to burn only some of the data even though it 'completed the burn successfully'. I put the newly burnt DVD-R into my drive and find that only a few of the files work, and that the others are 'corrupted'.
Also when I look at the bottom of the DVD-R there is only a small ring on the disc (indicating only some of the data has really been written).

I'm led to beleive that there must be some 'limiter' as to how much data I can seem to write to a DVD-R - am I right? If so how can I change it?

I have tried using Nero 7 but it crashes before it's finished burning any disc.

Many thatnks for your help.

  PC Bilbo 21:31 01 Apr 2006

You don't say what other software and operating system you use which may give a clue.

I have had experiences of DVD burns not completing properly and traced to a conflict - in my case with Norton's security products- which resoved when i did the burn with the AV disabled.

If you run Windows XP SP2 there are also some patches on Nero's site. Is your version fully updated?

  bluto1 22:55 01 Apr 2006

Surely the limit of data you can write to a
DVD-R is about 4GB.?

  blackstorm2k 20:20 02 Apr 2006

I've tried downloading the latest drivers from Nero's website and tried to burn a DVD with the same results. :(

Spec: (Packard Bell Easynote R9200)
Intel Centrino 1.6Ghz
NVIDIA Geforce Go 6200
60GB Harddrive
Windows XP SP2

I have Norton Anti-virus 2002 fully up to date and I've tried disabling it whilst buring, again no change.

I dont understand how you can be getting such a problem.

1. Providing you have selected DVD as the destination it should allow you 4GB or slightly more than 8 on Dual Layer. It should write every file you add.

Unless it is a DVD movie, then it will only allow IFO,P and VOB files.

Unless you are trying to read the written disk on a different PC, therefore RR files willl appear corrupt if the destination PC does not have WINRAR installed.

I think a post detailing what type of files are being written might help.

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