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  281apple 18:53 02 Jul 2005

I am hesitating between buying a DVD Recorder with or without a hard disk. I would use it to record TV shows maybe once or twice a week, and also to burn slide shows and/or video which I will have already edited on my computer. I'm tempted by the Sony RDR-GX210S without a hard disk; but, some people insist that I really need a hard disk. All suggestions would be helpful to me.Thanks.

  john-231489 19:59 02 Jul 2005

I have the JVC DR-MV1. Which is a DVD and VHS recorder. You can record simultaneously on both media. You can also record from one to the other and I have copied several high 8 tapes directly to DVD. Although it was a bit daunting setting it up and getting to know how it works, so far I have been very pleased with it. I appreciate that the inclusion of a hard drive does make thing s a bit easier but I certainly have no problems at all.

  wallbash 20:18 02 Jul 2005

DVD with a Hard drive sounds nice but your discription sounds like a person who really cant afford such a price for such small use!

I Bought a Panasonic DMR0E55EB which I use with DVD Ram discs, they are alleged to be able to use and wipe thousands of times!!!So the Family has each there own and use the disks as 'mini' Hard drives!

Just an Idea

  lmhillyard 21:20 02 Jul 2005

Go to Richer Sounds the electronic people and you can get a DVD player that plays anything you put in it from £50 up.Incorperated HD/players will come down in price over the next couple of years,just wait 'til then and save some money

  281apple 07:41 03 Jul 2005

Thanks to you both for now I have all the info I need. The dual VHS/DVD system is worth looking into. The idea of a disk being a "mini HD" made a click in my head and I think that is the answer. For info, a friend of mine bought a Philips Top Quality (is cost him a leg and an arm) but he had problems reading the User Guide which effectively was super difficult to understand.

  SEASHANTY 11:17 03 Jul 2005

DVD recorders supporting DVD-RAM discs include the ones manufactured by JVC, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi and Samsung. Info on DVD-RAM discs
click here
The discs are widely available from Argos shops,
Panasonic e-shop, but are cheapest at present at Blankdiscshop click here
They can be edited on your DVD recorder and can be recorded on over and over again without the disc being reformatted. I use them all the time in my JVC and Panasonic DVD recorders and also in my LG GSA 4163 PC DVD writer. They are excellent and provide a good alternative for a hard drive in DVD recorders without a HDD (which are usually cheaper).

  SEASHANTY 11:19 03 Jul 2005

Before purchasing an expensive item such as a DVD Recorder check out the prices first on Pricerunner UK click here

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