DVD recognition

  pwill 22:26 02 Jan 2004

I fitted a Sony CRX300E cdr/rw/dvd rom a couple of months ago but only recently tried to play a DVD film on it. The OS is XP Home, software is Cyberlink Power DVD.

When I fitted the hardware I didn't select a region setting, now it won't let me set a region. A message saying insert a DVD of the selected region 2 (done) & I don't have administrator privelage?

If I press play on the DVD player it says there is no disc in the drive, also explorer does not see the disc.

Any ideas???

  Demora 23:00 02 Jan 2004

Something similar happened to me and I think it has something to do with the firmware for the Sony DVD/cd. (this was under win 98se. As soon as I upgraded to win xp I was able to play dvds again So could be a driver problem.

Which version of Power DVD are you using? As there is an upgrade for xp.


  pwill 07:18 03 Jan 2004

Version 4 with the update patch installed. I've looked on the Sony site for an updated driver but can't see any driver link. Win XP says it has the best driver installed & doen't want to install from the disc supplied?

I also have an ME partition, on this the hardware properties only sees the drive as a CD ROM?

  QQAA 08:35 03 Jan 2004

such as this dull little player from click here to see if it could provide a quick, fool-proof solution for you ?

  pwill 19:01 03 Jan 2004

Thanks QQAA.

Given the DVDX player a try this afternoon... but still no recognition. I think the problem must be in Windows itself. Windows explorer can't see any files on a DVD in the drive, but it's OK with CDs. Both Power DVD & DVD X tell me there is no disc in the drive?

On the positive side I like the DVD X player better... jus' need to get Windows to see the discs!

  Rikku 19:07 03 Jan 2004

hey look at this forum link and see how the dude explained something liek this to me my problem was that my drive couldnt view contents of a cd nut it can on a dvd ill trade ya ;)

click here

  pwill 21:44 03 Jan 2004

Hmmmm... but this drive is only 2 months old... the only thing I can think I did wrong was not to select a region when I installed it... will this make a difference?

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