DVD Re-writer not working

  [DELETED] 17:49 24 May 2006

Hi, I am having a problem with my DVD-RW, I used to use it at least once every fortnight to back-up my documents onto a DVD-R but now it has stopped working.

It will still work as a CD-RW but it will not burn DVD's.

It will not copy DVD's and it will not burn files from the PC to DVD's.

I have tried using several different DVD-R's in both the - and + format with no luck and I have tried using Nero 6 and CD Burner XP Pro 3 and neither of them will do it.

I have updated both the Windows drivers and the DVD-RW's actual firmware but this still has not helped.

I have checked all of the physical connections inside the PC and I have tried switching it to Master and changing the IDE cables around etc. but none of this has worked.

It shows up in My Computer as - DVD-RAM Drive (D:) alongside DVD Drive (E:) although the DVD-Rom is in position 0 (Master) and the DVD-RW is in position 1 (Slave).

It is an LG GSA-4120B.

I am running Windows XP Professional SP2.

If you can help me that would be great.

Thanks, Ed.

  The Old Mod 17:57 24 May 2006

Hi, there are several lasers in the drive for the different formats, it sounds as if the DVD laser has died. If you have to fit a new one I would make it the master and your dvd rom the slave, DVD writers don't always like being the slave.

  [DELETED] 18:03 24 May 2006

Ok, thanks.

Is it usual for a laser to die in a DVD-Writer?

It is only around 1 year old.


  The Old Mod 18:13 24 May 2006

I've had one die after about 18 months, I suppose it's down to how much it's used etc.

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