DVD Re-Writer

  stephenson51 12:53 26 May 2004

I am trying to copy from a dvd onto dvd-wr for first time - it only seems to default to copying for the minimum 60 mins but the dvd-wr disc I have staes various lengths of recording time upto 4 hours - anyone can plsae tell me how I go about this as the PC manual gives no help

I realise this is probably basis stuff for you lot out there but i am still learning basics


  Bren.ie 15:15 26 May 2004


What kind of DVD is it you are trying to copy and to what format are you trying to copy to?

  stephenson51 09:39 27 May 2004


Only just seen your response tday - I am just trying copy Lord of the Rings DVD to another dvd

Is this possible

(You have to realise I am very much a novice at this burning game

Dav id

  TomJerry 09:44 27 May 2004

You cannot copy it using normal copying method, some softwares can do this, but they are all illegal in most countries.

  Bren.ie 10:37 27 May 2004


PC Advisor reviewed DVD / Movie software in its December 2003 issue. It mentions DVD X Copy as one softwaqre programme that can back up movies (Although this is illegal in the UK)

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 11:21 27 May 2004

Your Lord of the rings is on a DVD9 disk and your blank is probably a DVD5 disk. If you want to copy a film (theoretically,as it is not legal and nobody ever does it!) a programme caller DVD shrink would override the copywrite and shrink the file to fit on a DVD5 disc, it would then let you burn it, so I am told!! Why are you using a RW disk, much better to burn to DVD-R then you can play your theoretical disk in almost all types of player.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 11:25 27 May 2004

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