DVD Re-writer

  probel 18:05 23 Nov 2003

PC World are offering on mail order only a DVD + & - rew wrirter for £89, is this better or as good as a DVD writer or will there be some things that I can not do with it?

  leo49 18:14 23 Nov 2003

I fancy I'd rather have a Pioneer or NEC for less money from,for example;

click here

  probel 18:21 23 Nov 2003

What is the differance between a writer and a re writer?

  BBez 19:26 23 Nov 2003

re-writer support re-writable discs but to be honest, i never use rw's

  bretsky 08:54 24 Nov 2003

To be honest probel, it's the old saying "you get what you pay for", I have a NEC 1100A DVD R +RW which cost a lot more than £89 and is brilliant, no complaints.
Recordable dics are write once(can delete, but can not claim back space-mbs) & Rewrite as the name suggests you delete and record over and over again using the same space-mbs......Hope that makes sense!!!! bretsky ;>)

  bremner 09:12 24 Nov 2003


Your burner is now avaialable as an OEM for £70 delivered. So at £89 the PCW may be overpriced!!

  Stuartli 09:14 24 Nov 2003

A writer and rewriter are the same thing - the write is referring to CD-R material and rewrite to CD-RW disks, which can only be burned at much slower speeds at present.

The majority of CD/DVD-ROM drives and rewriter equivalents are based on a comparatively few manufacturers' products and are generally rebranded under a company's own name.

You should be able to work out who produces the PC World model and whether it is worth the money.

Details of who manufactures what and who rebrands them under their own name can be found at:

click here

To give examples my first and second rewriters, a TDK Vortex and CyClone, were manufactured by Plextor in the first instance and Samsung in the second - Samsung was, at the time, the first manufacturer to produce a 24x write mechanism.

  stan 09:42 24 Nov 2003

have just installed removable drive using maplins usb adapter.. a slow procedure but it works.
Now hovever I must decide whether to.... "Disable write behind caching" {what ever that is?!]
have searched for clues as to why to do it or not BUT nothing emerges.
What should persuade me one way or the other please?

  probel 23:52 24 Nov 2003

After all the advice I have ordered a Pioneer 10r from SVP as this seems to be a well specified drive, any comments on either svp or the drive would be appreciated along with where I can get a dc cable and mounting screws from.
Thank you all for the advice and help.

  probel 23:53 24 Nov 2003

Should read as Pioneer 106

  y_not 06:16 25 Nov 2003

I think even I understood the explaination from click here

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