DVD RAM clones with Acronis True Image?

  Catastrophe 13:00 08 Feb 2009

I know you can backup to DVD RAM but is it possible to clone onto it? I have tried without success. I know DVD RAM must be formatteed to be recognised.

Any ideas please?


  lotvic 15:48 08 Feb 2009

A DVD-/+R or DVD-/+RW is not RAM (Random Access Memory)

As far as I know you can't use a DVD instead of a Harddrive.

A clone is an exact copy of your Harddrive including the partitions etc, therefore it can only be put onto another Harddrive.

You can store a backup Image of your Harddrive on DVD (make take more than one dvd - depends on size of image)

What setup do you wish to 'end up with'?

please give us some more details.

  Technotiger 15:55 08 Feb 2009

I think this is the type of disc Catastrophe means ...

click here

  Catastrophe 16:05 08 Feb 2009

Hi Lotvic

If I understood correctly one can make a clone on several cds/dvds (whatever) and reload as if they were HDDs. This was not with ATI (Paragon?).

Since a basic XP with a couple of frills is below 4GB I wondered whether it would fit on a DVD. DVD-RAM came to mind as a possibility as I have several DVD-RAM drives in different PCs and DVD-RAM can be formatted.

I could use several old HDDs (IDE and SCSI) of below 5GB but these are heavy and bulky.

What I would like is a clone on an optical drive. I suppose another option with memory sticks getting larger and larger is to use these. ATI did recognise a small unit in a card reader but I did not attempt to use it as clone material. Perhaps I should look there if DVD-RAM will not work.

I have several PCs running different OSs including 98SE, XP home, XP professional, Vistas so it would be nice to have a clone for each - possibly two each - basic plus XP + several progs. These would be backup only.

  Technotiger 16:28 08 Feb 2009

You could make Full Backups of each of your PC's, but as lotvic says, NOT Clones.

  Catastrophe 16:36 08 Feb 2009



Should not anything formattable be used to clone to (if program allows)?

I will check but I am nearly sure one prog allows cloning over several DVDs because they are bootable to restore.

  tullie 16:39 08 Feb 2009

You dont format cd/dvd.

  Catastrophe 16:41 08 Feb 2009


You do format DVD-RAM

  Technotiger 16:59 08 Feb 2009

I don't know about other backup programs, but with Acronis, a Clone is purely for duplicating one Hard drive to another hard drive, usually for when replacing a small capacity drive with a larger capacity drive, in the same PC.

What you can do, is make Full Backups which in fact are very similar to cloning! It is just that people get the terminology mixed up.

  Catastrophe 17:04 08 Feb 2009

I interpret this as imaging and restoring an HDD.

PC projects - Haynes - using driveimage 2002

Back up your entire disk - pp 122-5.

1. Create image
2. Select destination - your CD-RW drive
3. Select compression - verify contents
4. Driveimage cannot create an image of drive C: while Windows is running - reboot
5. After restart select your CD-RW drive
- insert further disks as necessary
6. When image has been made replace with first disk of newly created set

Imaging your hard disk
From this point we are going to restore a drive from an image file. ...
There are three ways of restoring an image - we'll assume you are booting from the CD ...

That should give you the picture. I interpret this as creating an image (clone?) onto CD-RW and restoring the image (clone?) from bootable CD-RW. Have I got it wrong?

  DieSse 17:07 08 Feb 2009

An IMAGE is what you want - that's a full copy of everything on your hard drive, compressed, and reloadable back onto a hard drive to make it a duplicate of what it was when it was imaged.

Hence the Acronis name - True Image.

You also need a recovery CD (which you write with ATI) to effect the recovery.

Benefit to you of an Image, is the compression - this means it's considerably smaller than the original drive contents.

If you're making an Image to DVDs, Acronis automatically splits (what is normally a single file) into DVD sized chunks.

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