dvd r9s

  SHED 11:59 01 Mar 2006

could some one tell me what dvd + r9 is also dvd - r9 as with the lite-on could you explain what cross flashing is much thanks

  Totally-braindead 12:03 01 Mar 2006

I know DVD 9 is dual layer DVD.

  BigMoFoT 12:48 01 Mar 2006

of a DVD.

With a DVD 9 you can fit a maximum of 9GB (Well 8.75!) and with a DVD 5 you can fit a mximum of 5GB (Well 4.75 actually).

DVD 9's are referred to as dual layer with DVD 5's being single layer.

The + and the - part refer to the format of the DVD but to be honest there is no real difference in the 2...

  vinnyT 12:52 01 Mar 2006

Just googled cross flashing, from what I read, I think it refers to flashing the drive with firmware that is not strictly for that drive, some drives seem to tolerate this, where others don't and you can nix the drive.

As mentioned above, I'm not totally sure I've got this right, so maybe someone else will correct me.

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