dvd r writes dvd ok for pc but will not play on my

  andyopera 08:02 27 Jun 2007

just bought dvd multi recorder
burnt some dvds with nero 7 from my pc.
these play ok on xp pc but my maxim tv dvd
will not play although will play dvd mp3.
maxim tv dvd says no disc??

any help tia andy

  andyopera 20:45 27 Jun 2007

the discs had been finalised
the dvd+rw worked on my maxim tv dvd
if i rewrite this disc i will be carefull
thanks for all the advise
it seems to me that i needed dvd+r or Rw
in order to sort this out.
thanks for help and advise

rgd andyopera

ps shops should tell you the diffrence dont you think


  Technotiger 21:03 27 Jun 2007

ps shops should tell you the diffrence dont you think ...

I would guess that most shops' sales-persons don't know the difference!

Anyway, Good luck.

  eedcam 22:14 27 Jun 2007

+R's will play on player that only plays - R if you change the bok type Decent free burners like Decrypt and imgburn do it automatically . Nero leaves alot to be desired

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