Dvd-r or Dvd+r

  domo 21:26 09 Feb 2003

I am thinking of investing in a Ricoh mp125a-dp Dvd+r dvd+r writer but a the local fair i noticed all the dvd blanks where mostly dvd-r,can i use both dvd-r and dvd+r.

  €dstow 06:46 10 Feb 2003

This seems an obscure model.

The current favourite is the Sony DRU-500A which is decribed as writing all the popular DVD formats and doesn't cost more than a less versatile machine.


  stlucia 09:08 10 Feb 2003

DVD+R and DVD-R are not interchangeable. But some machines like the Sony which £dstow mentions can record and play both.

If you plan to view your recorded DVDs on your television, you need to check what standard(s) your domestic DVD player can read. I think the majority can handle DVD-R.

  Jamesy 11:30 10 Feb 2003

Problem is, with the Sony multi-format drive I believe it's the only multi-standard one currently available and hence you will be placed on a long waiting list for it. There's an NEC one in the pipeline too but I don't think it's out yet.

  Stuartli 12:27 10 Feb 2003

The - disks are a fraction of the price of the + versions....

  €dstow 13:27 10 Feb 2003

There are several in the pipeline, Panasonic have been introducing one since last summer!! Don't know where it is though.;-)

I don't know why there should be such a waiting list. I passing through the USA late last year, went into a computer store in Miami and bought five of them $250 each. There wasn't any shortage there - or was I just lucky? Don't think so.

(They've all got good homes so I don't have any spares).


  Stuartli 16:08 10 Feb 2003

click here has just sent its weekly e-mail with the following note:

"We have managed to secure some hard to find SONY DW-U10A X4 DVD-R and DVD+R Writers.. with free delivery on the first 100 orders"

if anyone is interested.

  Patr100 18:13 10 Feb 2003

Isn't the Ricoh mp125a (or similar) a March PCW magazine Best buy/recommended? perhaps that is why you have gone for it.

  crx16 18:29 10 Feb 2003

panasonic drive is dvd-ram and dvd-r/rw,there will be no dvd+r/rw as it is not supported by dvd forum

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