DVD- R , DVD+ ,which one really?

  vinnyobee 21:13 09 Jun 2003

having read all the mags and internet sites,i thought i would buy a dvd+ writer.But after i recorded on my £5 dvd+r, i found it wouldn`t play in my new panasonic home dvd player.OK I know i should have checked my home dvd player,but how can you?.Can you imagine asking an assistant in comet, and i dont mean to insult comet staff ,but it is quite a tricky subject to most people anyway.Lastly dvd-r are cheaper i have since found out that most domestic dvd players support -r .All I wanted to do was copy my vhs and digcam vids onto dvd and give them to family and friends.

  woody147 01:33 10 Jun 2003

If you're buying a dvd burner you're probably best to go for sony's multi-format drive. It's not guaranteed that your home dvd player will support -R either. My playstationII seems to play +R discs ok but not -R. Once again the only player i've found that will support ALL formats (as well as vcd) is a sony.

  temp003 03:06 10 Jun 2003

Not much you can do, I'm afraid. Since you've bought your dvd+ writer, you'll have to replace either the dvd writer drive, or the home player.

But sometimes even a home player which supports a particular format may not read a disk of the correct format, depending on the quality of the disk itself, and the software which writes the disk (the latter sounds odd, but it's true).

click here to check whether your home player is really not compatible with the dvd+ formats, just to make sure.

Panasonic belongs (I think) to the DVD-ram and dvd- camp, and so their home players (especially older models) are more likely to read dvd- rather than dvd+ disks.

But you will find that more and more newer models of home players can read formats from either camp.

Note also that an older player that can read dvd-rw doesn't necessarily mean it can also read dvd-r disks, since they came out at different times.

I don't think that one format is inherently better than the other in terms of compatibility. It's more a question of what formats the manufacturer of the home player decides to support, and what home player you have.

But since the dvd- format came first, you will find probably more home players being able to read dvd- disks. But the situation is changing.

Since your dvd+ writer is fairly new, you could try selling it on eBay, and buy a new writer.

Microsoft has recently annouced that their next OS will have built-in support for dvd-, in addition to dvd+ (which was announced a long time ago). So it looks as if both formats are here to stay.

If you're going to get a new writer, get one that can write both formats, as suggested by Woody147. Apart from the Sony (which has just released an improved model which can re-write at 4x), there is also an NEC which is cheaper but with less bundled software.

If you want to check compatibility of home players with different dvd formats, click here and tick the features and compatibility you require, and get a list of the home players which support those features.

  -pops- 06:11 10 Jun 2003

woody147 is a little behind the times stating that the Sony machines are the only multiformat DVD writers. I have recently bought an NEC 1300A which is compatible with DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CDR/W. Cheaper than the Sony and easier to get hold of.

Regarding your Panasonic player, it is unfortunate yes but, it's surely a case of caveat emptor - buyer beware. Most DVD players state clearly on the box the media that can be used in them.

DVD players aren't necessarily expensive now. It may be best to consider cutting your losses, selling your current machine and buying a multifunctional one. Scan do a perfectly acceptable all format, region free machine for £62 + VAT click here


  -pops- 08:17 10 Jun 2003

Here's the Scan product in more detail. click here

I have the previous version and am very satisfied with it.


  The Spires 08:20 10 Jun 2003

temp003, thanks for the link.

  crx1600 11:55 10 Jun 2003

the pioneer106 is also dual-format. click here due for release anytime soon.for anyone currently saving up for a sony.

possibly around £175, but thats not confirmed.

  crx1600 12:14 10 Jun 2003

the pioneer is available already it seems click here unfortunately its as expensive as the Sony.£250

  hssutton 12:58 10 Jun 2003

I have a LG DVD- bought purely for archiving puposes, this unit serves me admirably. I copied a DVD film just to see what happens, this plays perfectly on my "Minato DVD", however a DVD- made from scratch using my photo's will not play, but will play on the PC using "Power DVD". VCDs will play without any problem. Probably the best bet is to make a DVD making sure it works on the PC then go down to Comet or Curries and see if you can find a DVD player that will play it.

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