dvd-r discs

  snoopygirl 22:05 10 Oct 2007

can any one help every time i try to put a film on a disc they either skip or wont play plus jumps on my dvd player

  Strawballs 22:24 10 Oct 2007

Is this films that you have made on a Camcorder or films that you have tried to copy if the later that will be the security on the film that is causing this.

  snoopygirl 22:26 10 Oct 2007

films are on my hard drive they go on the discs ok but they skip on my dvd player

  snoopygirl 22:28 10 Oct 2007

is it worh burning them on a low speed

  SANTOS7 22:29 10 Oct 2007

Could be the quality of the download source...

  snoopygirl 22:31 10 Oct 2007

is there any think i can do

  eedcam 22:37 10 Oct 2007

What software are you using to burn to disc

  kakellie 22:48 10 Oct 2007

Try closing some programs and dont use your pc when burning the discs

  paulgeaf 23:34 10 Oct 2007

Before doing all the usual things to help this problem you need to check something called the DVD Drives FIRMWARE. It is important for your drive and enables it to burn to all of the latest types of Disc. So you always need to get the latest firmware updates.
Do you know anything about updating the firmware in your DVDRW Drive?
Go here and read the info on that page for a start:
click here
You will also find links to most drive makes there too, to get the latest firmware for your make of drive.
Obviously, to get the LATEST firmware for your drive, you need to know what version of firmware you have already. Go to the following page, download the tool there and check the picture and it shows you how to find out your firmware version.
click here
Now, update the firmware by going to the link on that page
click here
that is for the same make as your drive. You should find a firmware update program for your drive. Only UPDATE IF IT IS A HIGHER NUMBER than the firmware already in your drive, as seen by using the neroinfotool.
If needed though, your drive makers page will usually provide a link to a small program that you just run and then wait for it to end, then you are done.
You now have the most up to date firmware.

Before trying any problem solving, now all you have to do is try to burn in the same way you did already. If you are lucky it will be a success and you need to forget the rest of this message!
If it still fails read on....

This problem is most likely caused by one of two things:
Not enough RAM is either on your PC to facilitate the burning process, which uses a lot. Or, not enough ram is being allocated to it because, as already suggested, you have other programs running, or your PC has 'background Processes' running which you are maybe not aware of.
The other and more common reason for this is the burn itself.
Two reasons to do with the burning:
The media you are using. Burners can play havoc until you find a good quality media that your burner likes and plays well with. A lot of drives will burn to many makes and brands and even the cheapest disc's ever but the results won't always be what you'd like. So rule number one is to buy as best as you can afford. You should try to go for at least Verbatim brand or, if you know anything about the dye media codes used in DVD disc's, then go for Ritek which is a pretty low cost and stable dye.
The other thing with burning is indeed the speed.
You should try to burn at a slower speed, especially if you are burning a DVD Video Disc. Try at 4x or 6x and then test it.
If you keep lowering the speed, and you know you have enough RAM. You should try to get 1GB of RAM for a PC these days in my opinion, for most tasks, then you will have to conclude that it is the disc's that are not good.
Also - It doesn't definitely mean you have been sold a duff batch of disc's, more likely is that your burner just doesn't 'like' those particular disc's. Happens all the time. And even that is mostly due to the firmware noit having those discs info in it...but they cannot keep all the firmwares up to date with the many discs all the time!
I wish you luck.
I just had a load of problems with three different discs I bought in packs and not one of those brands would verify a disc burned!
In the end I returned the lot and the ones I chose instead are great!
Just incompatible!

  snoopygirl 14:41 11 Oct 2007

hi i tryed convertxtodvd plus dvd flick i have down loaded to day but it still going on for 5 hours

  snoopygirl 14:42 11 Oct 2007

the films are avi

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