DVD-R burning problems

  gruffass 06:53 03 Apr 2006

Hi all, I'm new to dvd-r burning and have a problem with playback. I've done 3 discs, all were downloaded off the internet. The first was a concert recorded off the TV and the other 2 are dvd rips. I've used nero 7 for all of them and the only thing it did different was to lower the quality of the concert so it would fit. That disc plays with no problem but the other 2 become stuttery and freeze. It doesnt happen at the same time during playback. there have been occasions when the dvd has been played with no problems. SO why it plays fine then not I have no idea. I've tried 2 DVD players and it happens on both. The discs are maxell, single sided, 1-8x.

Any help truly appreciated

  xania 12:31 03 Apr 2006

I suspect that your problem is that the amount of data your PC is processing on the high quality recordings ism greater than your systme can manage. How much RAM and what OS. Also, how many other processes are running at the same time.

  gruffass 13:29 03 Apr 2006

windows xp sp2, 1.5gb ram, 2.53ghz intel celeron Probably about 10-15 processes running, i always shut down processes before i burn cd's.

  gruffass 22:13 03 Apr 2006

The quality of the rips was very good in my opinion. Xvid format. They had been watched on the PC and were fine, its only since ive burnt them that I have the problem. If it was a bad quality rip wouldn't I notice straight away, i mean wouldn't it stutter from the beginning and not in different places when watched or not at all as has been the case on one occasion.

  gruffass 13:34 04 Apr 2006

I thought it could of been the discs I used but that doesn't account for the first one I burnt which is fine. Would burning slower make a difference?

  gruffass 07:48 05 Apr 2006

Does anyone else have an idea what my problem could be?

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