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  gcs_uk 23:43 15 Nov 2003

Ok I know this is not PC related but thought this place would be my first port of call.

I am relocating to the US and have quite a large DVD collection but they are all region 2 whereas in the US its region 1.

Does anyone know how I could play these on an american DVD player. I have just spent a few weeks in the US and everywhere I asked I got the same reply that they dont sell multi region DVD players - I can see the reason for that as I dont think many americans will be purchasing region 2 dvd's.

Just wondered if anyone out there can help at all.


  Giggle n' Bits 23:46 15 Nov 2003

by having a region Free DVD player.

But having a dedicated DVD player in the US there will be some source overthere that will Chip your DVD player for you. Alternativly take a few UK DVD's with you.

  Tim1964 23:50 15 Nov 2003

As DVD players are now less than £40, how about taking a UK one with you. Although watch out for the 110 volts though.....fizz, fizz

  gcs_uk 09:43 16 Nov 2003

Wud it be possible to play a UK DVD in the USA. I understand I wud need a transformer and one of those adapter thingys - but any more pitfalls I shud watch out for.

  tenplus1 09:59 16 Nov 2003

If you're moving to the US, DVD Players are so cheap that you could pick one up for $35, and on top of that, you can stick in a code to play ALL regions so all your movies work...

  gcs_uk 11:02 16 Nov 2003

tenplus1 could u tell me some more about that

  gcs_uk 12:31 16 Nov 2003

Have to admit didnt think about that - looks like I will just have to sell my DVD collection unless anyone has any other ideas.

  tenplus1 20:34 16 Nov 2003

Most DVD Players on the market have the same chip installed for the UK, US, Asian markets so they jsut enter a code to play DVD's from the region you buy it from... What you can do is search google for your make/model dvd player and put hack in the search string and what usually appears is a few steps to hack your DVD Player so that it plays ALL regions (all DVD's from all over the world)...

Oh yeah! as for Bella's comment, as long as you have a decent TV connected to the DVD Player it doesnt matter if the DVD is NTSC/PAL or whtever, it'll play no problem...

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