DVD Problems

  gill 21:54 28 Feb 2012

Hi Gang, I wonder if any of you experts can help me.I have a DVD with some very old footage taken from an old cine film.I played it on my DVD player and it was fine and I watched it again on my computer and all was well again.I tried to watch it on the same computer today and it just would not play. Further more, the computer refused to give up the disc until I rebooted.Any idea's as to what could be wrong would be much appreciated. Thanks. Gill

  Nontek 21:59 28 Feb 2012

The DVD disc may need cleaning - use a DVD Cleaning disc, usually cost less than a fiver!

You could be surprised st the difference it makes.

  Nontek 22:00 28 Feb 2012

DVD Drive could also need cleaning.

  gill 22:12 28 Feb 2012

Hi Nontek,Thanks for your interest. This disc is quite new and has only been played a couple of times. I have two DVD players and a PC and a laptop in the house and have had the same response from all of them so I would have thought that would rule out players needing a clean. Regards Gill

  Nontek 22:24 28 Feb 2012

In that case, I would guess that the disc had become corrupted.

Other than that, I am afraid I cannot offer any other suggestion.

  robin_x 22:28 28 Feb 2012

Could be fingerprints ot scratches.

Make several attempts to copy the contents to a folder, say, on your Desktop on the various computers, until you are happy it has done it correctly.

Burn a new disc, or two, when you have all the files.

Cleaning a disc may make extra tiny scratches but if above was not successful try cleaning.

How to

For scratches. How to with toothpaste!

  robin_x 22:31 28 Feb 2012

Also, you haven't stuck any labels on the disc have you?

Can unbalance the drive.

  eedcam 22:32 28 Feb 2012

A brand new disc can be screwed by the tiniest of smudges Even if it looks unmarked give it a wash bit of washing up liquid in water and clean from the centre outwards

  gill 22:38 28 Feb 2012

Thank you friends for your sound advice. I dont have any stickers on the disc.I will give your suggestions a try. Thanks again for your help. Gill.

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