DVD Problem (PowerDVD & Win Media Player)

  OlduserII 13:09 01 Oct 2003

A problem has arisen trying to play DVDs which has affected PowerDVD and Win Media Player after something went wrong using Compupic . They now come up with an error which list as the problem file : "C:\Docs\Alan\Local Settings\Temp\WERBOF.tmp.dir00\appcomp.txt"
(Appcomp.txt seems to be a summary of dll's used by either program)
The folder name WER.. etc varies each time either program is run. The format of the error message is one that can be sent to Microsoft for analysis but Microsoft say that they cannot help as it's a PowereDVD error even when Win Med Pl is being run. Cybernet wont help until I send a photo image of the disc containing the software
(It was bundled by Dell in with their package so I have no identity number and I am not able at the moment to make a photo image)

Can anyone help please to suggest how I can cure the problem.

Thanks in advance

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