DVD problem

  ricvic 20:57 15 Apr 2005

Not, I realise, strictly PC, but hoping you can help.
Our Toshiba DVD player refuses to play. It has played faultlessly for several months. Tonight, when we put in a DVD we get 'disc playback unauthorized'. My first thought is that this is a region problem, but I played other tracks on the same disc on Monday with no problem. I have checked the DVD on my PC. No problem.
The only thing I can think of is that, on Tuesday and Wednesday we recorded a couple of TV programmes which we viewed (without problem) yesterday evening. The RW discs say that they are CPRS compatable, as does the DVD player. Could the DVD-RW disc have changed the region setting?
I've looked for region change solutions on the net without success. In any case, I am not prepared to use unsupported hacks for what could be a fault with the player.

Any ideas?

  cdb 21:03 15 Apr 2005

Dirty laser?

  ricvic 21:06 15 Apr 2005

No: it plays the tv content we recorded on Tues & Weds, but not the pre recorded content it used to play before Tuesday.

  ricvic 21:06 15 Apr 2005

But thanks for your contribution!

  timeteam2004 09:16 16 Apr 2005

click here This will take you to a vast DVD Region Hack Archive. Type in your players model number and see what you get.

  jack 09:23 16 Apr 2005

I would think the DVD Player[ Its is a simple player is it not ? Not a recorder?] is reading/ Not finding
a something on the recorded disks and is some how retaining this setting when the other DVD is offered.
I wonder how about powering off the the machine [unplugging it from the mains] perchance it will reset itself to a default setting.

  Sans le Sou 09:41 16 Apr 2005

| am not familiar with these machines, but is there somewhere in the menu that you can change the disk type manually, presuming that by pre recorded you mean a pressed DVD or other non RW disc.

  ricvic 11:18 16 Apr 2005

Thank you for your suggstions.
Sans: Yes, pressed disc! No, I've looked through the menus.

Jack: It is a DVD recorder & player. It plays content which it has recorded, but (as of last night) not pre-recorded content. I have tried unplugging, to no effect.

Timeteam: No hacks listed for my kit.

I have phoned Toshiba. They will take it back for a fix under warranty, but I'm not happy. Thank you for your help and support.


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