DVD problem

  Southernboy 17:04 29 Oct 2004

I bought a music DVD from a music society and was surprised to note that the playing side was purple in colour. All the regular DVDs I have bought in shops are either silver or gold.

It plays in my son's computer, although the sound quality is poor, but totally refuses to play in my Toshiba DVD player. It displays DISC ERROR.

Knowing that CDR discs tend to be coloured (I have seen both green and blue) is it possible that a purple DVD is a recordable disc? I know that some CD players will not play CDR discs - is it possible that some DVD players will not play recordable DVDs?

  TomJerry 17:09 29 Oct 2004

you are right DVD-R are purple and some DVD player do not play DVD-R.

Get a cheap (less than £40) one made in China and it will play any discs even discs with errors.

  Southernboy 14:00 06 Nov 2004

Thanks everyone who replied.

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