DVD problem

  imzy 22:39 10 Jul 2004

Hi all.

I have just bought a computer from someone from Ebay. I have recieved it but the DVD does not seem to work.

When I go into device manger it seems to be there but when I go into My Computer it comes up as a CD drive. I have tried putting CD's and DVD's in the drive but neither of them work. I t just keeps asking me to put a disk in.

The person I bought it from swears it was working before he sent it to me.

Any help greatly appreciated.



  davidg_richmond 22:43 10 Jul 2004

It may have been damaged in transport, a CD/DVD laser is a very delicate thing. Try removing the drive then replacing it to make sure all connections are in ok, otherwise it would look like it has become faulty.

  imzy 22:45 10 Jul 2004

Thanks davidg_richmond.

I will have a closer look at it and hopefully it is just a loose connection.

  Bapou 22:56 10 Jul 2004

Try a different brand of disc. I had this same problem when first using Pioneer DVDRW drive with the two freebie discs that came with it.

Used another media and problem disappeared, My Computer had previously shown the DVDRW Drive as CDRW.

  imzy 23:04 10 Jul 2004

Thanks for the advice Bapou.

Just tried 4 different types of media but still none of them work. I am beginning to thing it is a fault with the actual drive but I will keep checking.

  jonnytub 23:15 10 Jul 2004

hmm, (yes i always start my posts like this), buying a pc from ebay, great idea, do it myself if i didn't enjoy building so much, however if the goods aren't as described when delivered your entitled to either a refund or compensation, you have to pursue both, contact the seller, tell him/her the drive was unlikely to be damaged in transit, they aren't as delicate as most people think (they do get shipped from abroad) in this case your entitled to a refund, also contact the courier, tell them the goods were damaged in transit and you would like copmpensation for this. If you paid ny credit card and the cost came to more than £100, claim back from cc company and let them deal with it. As far as i'm aware cc companies must do the same for second hand goods as they do for new if the goods are delivered as described.

  jonnytub 23:16 10 Jul 2004

also to be completely sure the drive ain't working, put a music cd into it and if that don't play then you know the score

  imzy 11:06 11 Jul 2004

Cheers jonnytub.

I have contacted the person I bought it from and he said he will contact the courier company and try to get compensation for the damaged goods. If he doesn't come through for me I will take it further, but I think it is only fair to give him a chance to put it right.

Thanks again.

  jonnytub 15:58 11 Jul 2004

Well said imzy

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