DVD players - Movie in?

  ams4127 19:33 13 Apr 2003

There have been a lot of adverts lately for the latest recordable DVD machines. I mean the ones which allow you to record off the TV onto a DVD-RW.

Is it possible to edit your digital video on your PC, record the final "cut" back to the camera and then hook the camera to the player and record onto DVD?

I know it would be a long and convoluted process but I just wondered, out of idle curiosity, if it was possible.

  y_not 06:23 14 Apr 2003

click here

Not sure but I think that this might answer the question for you

  stlucia 08:47 14 Apr 2003

Yes you can, so long as your camera has a DV-in facility. Pinnacle is the only video editing software I'm familiar with, and it allows you to record the edited movie back into your camera (or any other DV recorder). I'm sure the other major packages can do that also.

Even if your camera doesn't have DV-in (it's often disabled on UK models to reduce the amount of tax), it is often possible to enable it using manufacturer's or third-party software.

But, the price of PC DVD recorders is coming down now, so the best way would be to record straight to DVD in your PC.

  ams4127 19:56 14 Apr 2003

Thanks to you both for replying. I've got DV-IN enabled on my camera (used the widget) and have used it to record back before copying again to video. I know that the price of PC DVD writers is falling and I hope to buy a new machine from Evesham in the very near future containing one of these.

Thanks for the link y_not. I've added it to my favourites.

It was a purely "what if" type of question which I posed. I'm not about to try it for myself - far too long winded! Just wanted to know if it was possible.

Thanks again.

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