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  cthooli 17:37 04 Jan 2003
  cthooli 17:37 04 Jan 2003

I currently have Power DVD on my laptop to play movies through the combo dvd/CDRW drive. When i play a dvd it always skips slighty bout every other second, especially when 'large' shots are on the screen, if it is just one persons face in focus it plays fine, if the camera pans over a large landscape of audince it starts sticking and skipping! I have tried shutting everything i can down on my taskbar but it still does it. have tried restarting and watching the dvd as first thing but still nothing! has anyone got any ideas or can they suggest another dvd player that i can download to use? i have interactual player but it seems to do the same thing, could it be my actual drive? any suggestions?


  crx16 17:42 04 Jan 2003

do you have both powerDVD and interactual installed?

  cthooli 17:50 04 Jan 2003

Yes i previously only had power DVD and it skipped then interactual was installed as well and it still skips to the same extent so i dont think they are conflicting.

  rickf 18:21 04 Jan 2003

I wonder if it could be a momory prob. Do you have enough? I could be totally wrong. If so apologies.

  rickf 18:22 04 Jan 2003

Should read memory. Bad typo there.

  cthooli 18:23 04 Jan 2003

i have 384MB SDRam and 40 gb hard drive, 22 of which is free.

  bremner 18:27 04 Jan 2003

What is your processor and which version ofwindows are you using

  cthooli 18:29 04 Jan 2003

AMD Moblie Athlon 1500
Windows XP

and it is always plugged in so the processor is not being 'power restricted'

  Foolsbane_1 18:48 04 Jan 2003

I recently downloaded VaroDVD 2000 to try it out. So far, I am very impressed. Especially considering it is free. Don't be put off by the fact that the site is in Russian. The software itself is in a readily comprehensible form of english.

click here

  bremner 18:54 04 Jan 2003

You have a good enough spec to expect the DVD to play properly. Do you have other programs running when using the DVD ie are there icons in the bottom right hand corner. If so try shutting these down and see if that helps. You can normally right click on each icon to shut the program down. If this works it is probably better to remove all unnecessary programs from start up. To do this you need to use the msconfig facility. If you need more info on this post back.

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