DVD Player - which one can i get for free?

  muscic lover 22:43 08 Oct 2005

I used to own a dvd player on my PC ( ?DVD 2000 or somthing like it) and now i cant find it on my system.

Is there a player I can get for free that PLAYS DVD's?

I have no desire to record anything (as I own a player - not a burner)

Any ideas what i can get off the net for free - and how do you rate them?

Over to you guys with more knowledge than me

Thanks in advance

  VoG II 22:46 08 Oct 2005
  SANTOS7 22:47 08 Oct 2005

click here
this may help..

  MAJ 22:52 08 Oct 2005

Windows Media Player plays DVDs (doesn't it?) and you already have that if you're using Windows.

  MAJ 22:53 08 Oct 2005

Scratch that last post, you need the decoder.

  SANTOS7 22:55 08 Oct 2005

You need codecs for DVD click here
the k-lite pack in the link are the ones you want..

  GaT7 22:56 08 Oct 2005

Unfortunately Cliprex may be riddled with ad/spyware click here. G

  SANTOS7 23:00 08 Oct 2005

Been using it for ages doesn't seem to do anything else but play DvDs

  SANTOS7 23:25 08 Oct 2005

But i will do a bit of searching to see what or who are endorsing this player, have to say only came accross it by accident ,tried it, worked very well, so i kept it on my PC (which runs very well), thanks for the nudge Crossbow7 if i find things nafarious i
will delete it..

  GaT7 23:26 08 Oct 2005

SANTOS7, if you notice Cliprex is not available for download at download.com. This is because of their recent zero-tolerance regarding spyware:

"Although you may come across software from other sites on the Internet that contain adware or spyware, you can feel safe knowing that Download.com will not list them. These types of applications usually serve advertisements via browser pop-ups, or record your Web surfing and computer usage habits." - from click here.

May be your spyware scanners have removed the spyware bits without losing the programs functionality(??). I've managed that once or twice on a program containing spyware, but cannot remember the names. G

  GaT7 00:05 09 Oct 2005

See click here, under 'Notable programs distributed with spyware'

click here, under 'Known programs bundling malware'

click here - Cliprex is mentioned at the bottom.

One user advised to read its EULA about third-party software during install. You could use the free EULAlyzer (courtesy Nellie2??) click here to check this out. You'll need to uninstall/reinstall Cliprex.

Sorry, Music Lover, I won't be posting any more on this. Hope you find a free DVD player you like & runs well, or the free codecs suffice : ) G

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