DVD player USB socket will not recognise photos.

  wotsitallabout 18:25 13 Mar 2018

Hello,I bought this LG DVD player with usb input for photos. They gave me another when it would not recognise photos although I formated the sticks in different ways and with three different memory sticks and hard drives.

LG advised me that it may not recognise "Lossy Compression " jpgs and if my pics are of this type, I should remove the compression.

How do I find out if they are LC jpgs and if so how do I remove this LC please. Regards

  Aitchbee 18:46 13 Mar 2018

Try loading your 'lossy' photos, one by one, into a paint program like Paint and then save them all in a different file format - experiment a little. Try not to overwrite your existing photos by changing the title slightly. The LG DVD player might be able to read and display them now.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:16 13 Mar 2018

LG advised me that it may not recognise "Lossy Compression " jpgs..............

You were badly advised. All JPEGs use lossy compression.

Are these standard photos taken with a digital camera or smartphone?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:42 13 Mar 2018
  1. is it recognising the stick? sometimes these machines will not accep a stick bigger than 32Gb + my not recognise a stick formatted as NTFS use Fat32.

  2. if it recognises the stick is it recognising any files shuch as video files or music? is it only picture files casuing the problem?

  wotsitallabout 15:31 18 Mar 2018

Thanks everybody, the problem was that while there was a disc (film dvd) in the player, and because of that the usb socket did not recognise that there was a memory stick in there. Peculiar but I experimented several times and yes, I had to take a dvd out before it recognised the stick. Thanks to you all. alan

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