DVD player software

  skew 05:59 18 Nov 2011

Can anyone recommend a good free DVD software programme?

  lotvic 13:57 18 Nov 2011

VLC http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ will play almost anything.

  Strawballs 14:17 18 Nov 2011
  Ian in Northampton 16:01 18 Nov 2011

I'm with Lotvic: I use VLC, and have found it very good.

  skew 18:49 18 Nov 2011

Many thanks for replies. Will look at them all. Would tick as resolved but can't see anywhere to do so Skew

  lotvic 18:58 18 Nov 2011

Click on any of the big grey ticks at the righthand side of one of the posts and it will turn green.

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