dvd player

  daytimers82 10:42 26 Jul 2010

What dvd player do you use on your computer

  lotvic 11:00 26 Jul 2010

are you asking for help/recommendations to choose one for your own computer?

  daytimers82 17:02 26 Jul 2010

Lotvic thank you for your prompt reply

im asking about both, i would like to know of a very good DVD player for the computer, im still using the old xp home.

  lotvic 18:02 26 Jul 2010

Ah, I see, you are meaning a software program DVD player.
What program do you use at present? and what sort of dvd's - films?

I just use Windows Media Centre or Player or VLC,
but I don't watch many films on pc so maybe others will have much better suggestions and will post them on here.

  Im a diddy 18:09 26 Jul 2010

Vlc for me.Not fancy to look at but does the job. Plays most file formats without the need for additional codecs.

  Strawballs 18:19 26 Jul 2010

Power DVD

  daytimers82 20:45 26 Jul 2010

Sorry Lotvic to come back so late, its half term ect got to sort the kids out.

im using the Microsoft dvd player but i looking for something that would allow me to play dvd's full screen even if the film is wide-screen specially the children's cartoons

  daytimers82 20:45 26 Jul 2010

i have a look a power dvd.

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